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Virgo vase

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23 Aug - 22 Sep

Virgo persona

Stay oriented

Virgos are stereotypically deemed as control freak, masters of OCDs, perfectionists. However to be exact, the stereotypes only applicable at specific things that want perfection to happen. For example, it might be a super messy work desk they own. But right at the corner of the desk, a pile of coins are stacked neatly according to their value. 

Well, stereotypes being stereotypes, they still hold a certain truth; this equal, cascading and balanced vase is the perfect visual relatability of how we view Virgos. We have no doubt that we can trust their stable momentum once they get things well acquainted with.


Product information

W x H x D: 20.5cm x 48cm x 4.5cm

Material: Porcelain

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