12 Zodiacs as parents

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Temper level: ★★★★
Affection level: ★★★★

Strength: Encouraging, involved, positive
Weaknesses: Controlling, overly moral, judgmental
Interactive style: Dynamic, punishing, rewarding

Aries parents can be very involved with their children, especially when it comes to ethical beliefs. Predominantly, they use disciplinary method of punishing and rewarding approach in raising a kid. Do note that their burst of volcanic-level temper are usually can be overzealous. However, the duration of burst and cooling is surprisingly short (as they can be really soft hearted).

They often urge their offspring as strong individuals who do not require others in handling problems. But on the other end, they love to have fun with their kids, constantly looking for entertainment ideas for mutual enjoyments. It is common to see them getting dirty in the sandbox with their kids and you would wonder who is the real kid. 

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Temper level: ★★★☆
Affection level: ★★★★

Strength: Giving, nurturing, dedicated
Weaknesses: Autocratic, threatening, undependable
Interactive style: Affectionate, protective, controlling

Taurus are fond of large families and are able to provide, even though if might be difficult for them to give unconditionally. Physical disciplinary actions are predominantly not enforced, not until when shit hits the fan. Instead, they would insinuate the grounding concept, in which is usually works for behavior correction of their kids. You will spot an angry Taurus parent when they suddenly go silent, or when they give a restraining touch or a hand gesture paired with a glance.   

Taurus parents are extremely intoxicated by the sense to touch; such as cuddling and smell of their infants (especially skin and scalp). Coaxing an upset child to sleep is very characteristic of a Taurus parent. They would not mind walking them back to sleep, or humming their favorite melody. 



Temper level: ★☆☆☆
Affection level: ★★

Strength: Interested, varied, enthusiastic
Weaknesses: Worried, stressed, absent
Interactive style: Positive, engaged, energetic

Gemini parents do not enjoy disciplining their own children. They spend a great deal of time preoccupied with other matters which definitely don't include their kids. This will hence, raise independent children as the Gemini parent is usually not available. Though they have a wide range of interests and rich emotional palette, they enjoy their role as the leader of the team. 

 As they are not overly emotional, hence their display of affection towards their offspring are rarely effusive. They do though, genuinely enjoy being with children, including their friend's. In a situation where the child needs the attention and sympathy of the parents, Gemini parents might access the situation than reacting to the emotional comfort the kid requires. Often, the reaction would cause the child to feel frustrated and disappointed.



Temper level: ★☆☆☆
Affection level: ★★★★★

Strength: Naturing, loving, caring
Weaknesses: overprotective, controlling, smothering
Interactive style: Supporting, contributing, interested

The nature of cancer parents are instinctively affectionate and protective, which can satisfy their child's emotional needs. Though they can be the most loving and caring of parents, sometimes the protection and affection level and go overboard. This results in children who would frequently succumb to their emotional support and become unduly dependent on their Cancer parents. 

In contrast to most fire sign parents, Cancer parents would rather have a heart-to-heart talk to understand the wrongdoings the child made, rather than physical punishment. However, they are usually open to explanations and excuses for the first time breaking their (well-known) rule, otherwise they will impose strict punishment, usually in the form of grounding them. 



Temper level: ★☆☆☆
Affection level: ★★★★★

Strength: Protective, concerned, responsible
Weaknesses: Omniscient, smothering. absent
Interactive style: Challenging, dominant, authoritative

 As the leader of the pride, Leo parents are fiercely protective of their children. However, kids can feel suffocated by their natural presence, as they always in  display of their superiority of knowing better. Due to their focus in career and extracurricular activities, most Leo parents would rather leave their kids to be in care with their partner, (or if both are Leos), they would leave their kids with preschools, baby sitters or family members. 

Although Leo parents would often let their kids run wild, but they do have ironclad rules that must be adhered, usually involving the matters of safety. For example, to make sure doors are locked and look out for approaching vehicles before crossing the road. Leo parents can appear severe, but in fact, the soft heartedness in them would forgive the wrongdoings easily. Paired with a sharp glance or brief warning, you know that they are in displeasure. 




Temper level: ★★☆☆
Affection level: ★★

Strength: Protective, defending, caring
Weaknesses: Overly strict, rigid, uncompromising
Interactive style: Authoritative, decisive, ritualistic

 As the expert of coming up with rules and regulations, Virgo parents can foster rebellious kids as children would feel suffocated by constrains. Though we know that structuring strict rules are meant to spare their offspring from harm and pain, this will result in the rise in demand of freedom which would yield disobedience in children. Also, this will also raise children who would keep their wishes and activities to themselves whenever possible. 

Virgo parents are not a fan of display of affection. Sometimes when they do(in little and mild ways), children would recognize such signs and treasure them. However, if their offspring were to display affection towards them, they may be standoffish in presence with them, then appreciate it when they are alone. 



Temper level: ★★☆☆
Affection level: ★★

Strength: Goal-oriented, ambitious. supportive
Weaknesses: Pushy, stressful, demanding
Interactive style: Insistent, involved, evaluating

Libra parents are very involved in sculpting the social image of their children. To make sure they stand out as the best, they would make all sorts of sacrifices, which includes financially and time to ensure that their children wins on the starting line. Libra parents would never hesitate to take the credits of their efforts when their children becomes successful too. 

Though they take keen interest in their kid's education and careers, they believe in "work hard, play hard". Libra parents will still give their children ample playing time and would rarely reprimand them for spending too much time on entertainment. However, if things goes out of hand, they would not hesitate to ground their kids which otherwise will give the family a bad name.



Temper level: ★★★★
Affection level: ★★

Strength: Protective, advising, encouraging
Weaknesses: Overprotective, bossy, repetitive
Interactive style: insistent, demanding, proud

Values, are the most important aspect of parenting for Scorpios. They do not beat around the bush and are very straightforward with their children. They expect homework, housework chores and family obligations to be done on time regularly. Two Scorpios as parents can be very taxing on the child due to demanding natures and uncompromising attitudes. 

Scorpio parents would make it abundantly clear that they would rather not punish them if possible, and its entirely up to the choice of the kid to abide the rules or not. Unambiguous rules are laid out from the start, so that their kids can never plead ignorance. A wide range of punishments such as spanking and scowling glance are executed without prior notification. Also, Scorpio parents are only very affectionate towards their kids when they are behaving. However, if you find them exercising feigned threats or insults, those were merely actions of affection (thread carefully). 



Temper level: ★★
Affection level: ★★★

Strength: Giving, loving, natural
Weaknesses: Dissatisfied, inconstant, distracted
Interactive style: Driven, temperamental, restless

Sagittarius parents are not driven by responsibility, but rather, by true devotion and love. They would enrich their domestic life with pets and need to beautify the ambience for the family to hang out. However, due to their inability to compromise for too many in a row, demanding nature and inherent restlessness, this leads to most marriage fail despite the strong bond with their kids. Having said, Sagittarius parents are very severe when it comes to dishonesty and unethical actions.

Just rebelling is not enough to upset them, as they admire the balls that their kid have to do it. They do not punish their kids frequently as it takes quite a great deal to anger them. However, when Sagittarius parents get angry, they turn silent (which is cruel and hurts more deeply to the kid), or lay guilt trips and stir the pity pot. On the flipside, Sagittarius are very inclined with physical contact (such as cuddling and kisses), though most of the time, they remain a cool upfront. Jokes, teasing behavior and gentle derision are also demonstrated as a sign of affection. 



Temper level: ★★★★
Affection level: ★★

Strength: Responsible, caring, loving
Weaknesses: Strict, demanding, coercive
Interactive style: Authoritative, protective, controlling

Capricorn parents would expect their kids to abide their rules and follow their instructions inevitably. It is great to have a Capricorn parent as they are protective and responsible towards the well being of their offspring's. However, the authoritative and controlling aspect might cause the child to suffocate with no space to explore their themselves.  

Capricorn parents will administer physical punishment, especially when these strict task makers have made clear enforcement to their children and they still choose to disobey. This threat can be a powerful deterrent to disobedience. Capricorn parents love to have fun with their kids; such as tickling, competing joking and teasing. Do note that most Capricorn parents dislike receiving expensive gifts from their children, as they do not want them to waste money that they deem as luxury. 



Temper level: ★★
Affection level: ★★★

Strength: Responsible, caring, loving
Weaknesses: Strict, demanding, coercive
Interactive style: Authoritative, protective, controlling


Aquarius parents are cool parents. Being free spirits, they would rather not to marry to have offspring at all. Those who do, they are mostly independent and encourage their kids to leave the nest when they reach young adulthood. Aquarius parents enjoy watching their kids grow into independent attitudes, but drawing a line on freedom when they find kids putting themselves in danger. They would encourage their kids to spend time on extra curricular activities such as sports and creative projects, rather than be too focused on academics. 

Like Gemini parents, they would not discipline kids but rather, teach kids to be accountable to their own behavior despite the freedom given to them (they hate nagging too). Daily kisses are hugs are given to their kids, but affection level does not go deep, often oblivious to their emotional needs. Aquarius parents have a quirky way of displaying their affection; such as teasing and ridiculing their children. However, many children will not recognize this as a being affectionate.  



Temper level: ★★
Affection level: ★★★★★

Strength: Nurturing, caring, loving
Weaknesses: Fearful, calming, possessive
Interactive style: Protective, enthusiastic, proud

Pisces parents spends a tremendous amount of energy in ensuring the welfare and personal growth of their offspring. They are often anxious and in giving them the best opportunity and often enjoys company with them by planning and scheduling activities with the whole family. Pisces parents would find most forms of discipline distasteful. Due to their empathetic nature, they find it tough to impose discipline and pain on their loved ones. 

Pisces parents spoils their children unintentionally, as they would spend lavish affection on them. Though they mean well, the over generous amount of affection would cause the children of Pisces not adequately prepared for the realities of the hard, hard world. 





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