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Scorpio vase

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23 Oct - 21 Nov


Scorpio persona


Hello darkness my old friend


In the depths of darkness lurks Scorpios who are always observing the rest. Then, they would put you on a lifelong test which you won’t even know you are partaking. Until you are pass the test, you are only allowed to hurdle the next challenge.Scorpios are always on the extremes; while they stay low and mysterious, they would give their all if you pass their trials.


However, like Cancers, they might seem vengeful on the outside, but right under that shell they are softies. They just recover and heal faster than the rest when being hurt. Does all these traits reflect in the contrasting tear-like streak on the vase? 



Product information


W x H x D: 20.5cm x 48cm x 4.5cm


Material: Porcelain

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