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Sagittarius Crystal Set (Grounding)

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Sagittarius personality keyword: Versatile, optimistic, energetic
Weakness: Impulsive, absent, uncommunicative
Healing needs: Stabilization & Calmness 

"Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign, ruled by the optimistic and highly expansive planet Jupiter. Most Sagittarians adopt an extremely positive view toward life and believe that almost anything is possible for those who have the courage to dare and dream. Idealists, they insist on ethical behavior and honesty from those they come into contact with,
preferring to judge people by their motives rather than by the results they achieve. Sagittarians are natural protectors of small creatures and champions of the underdog.".

-Gary Goldschneider

 Set includes: 

1x Ruby Zosite Hedgie
happiness, abundance, vitality, appreciative, growth, focus, positivity, courage, strength
1x Green Fluorite Hedgie
positivity, learning aid, concentration, confidence

2x Celestite tumbles
Calming, grounding, relieves stress, guidance
2x Carnelian tumbles
vitality, courage, positivity, trust, motivating, success, focus, confidence, sexuality
2x Agate tumbles
Balancing, Protective, Calming, Concentration
2x Amethyst tumbles
Stress relieving, protective, love, calm, focus
50g of Clear Quartz chips
 manifestation, healer, balance, concentration, focus
50g of Fluorite chips 
positivity, learning aid, concentration, confidence

  • Sets includes a Nordic inspired gold tray
  • Packed into WSA gift box
  • Set up of crystals to be assembled by the receiver
  • All crystals will be smudged (Cleansing) before being delivered
  • Every set shown is unique as stones comes in different shades and forms
  • All crystals are vetted thoroughly before delivered


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