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Pocket Crystals for Aquarius

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or for someone who needs help in Conquering Self Doubt

Dear Aquarius, your past do not dictate your future. We know that your offensive and opposite nature is an act of self defense, but this does not mean you are not worth it. Let go of your emotional baggage and embrace new people!

1x Labradorite tumbles
Mainly for: Relieves anxiety

1x Green Fluorite tumbles
Mainly for: Calms nervousness, anger, and irritation

1x Lepidolite tumble
Mainly for: Reduce Stress & depression 

88g Garnet Chips
Mainly for: Bestows vitality

How to use: 

  • When you are feeling uneasy, grab them in your palms and take deep breaths
  • Carry them in a bag or in a pocket
  • All crystals are cleansed with a singing bowl and untouched before sending out
  • Do not let others touch your crystals raw


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