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UNWINDING Bath Bomb Rose Gift Set

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Suitable for: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo – The Mutable Signs, the Transitions

If all 12 zodiacs were in a Tag game, these signs are probably one of the last few to survive the game. Their focus on constant tweaking and adapting to any situation sometimes tire them without knowing. When the day ends, that’s when the mental and physical exhaustion will really kick into them.

So dear Mutable Signs, do keep yourself in check during mid-day. Try to slow down a lil and pace yourself. When the day ends, gently massage your head with the tip of your fingers, bring your arms and stretch your back. Turn on some ASMR or natural environment playlist and slip yourself into a warm tub with these essential oil bath bombs ; take your time and let your mind unwind.  

Here is a playlist where we suggest


- 3 Bath bomb Flavors:  Lavender, Tea Tree, Jasmine
- 2-3 Faux Roses (depending on the size)
- 200g of Rose petals

How to use:

Bath bombs

  • You may mix all 3 into a bathtub of warm water
  • Ideally, one tub is enough for 1 bath bomb
  • Optimum time: 20-30mins
  • Inhale the fragrance from the essential oil; it helps in relaxing your body
  • Water on your skin might feel towards buttery than soapy
  • Can also be used to soak your feet if bathtubs are not available (20mins)
  • Skin will feel moisturized and tender

 Faux Roses

  • You can reuse them by putting them as décor of a gift box
  • You can also choose to use them as home décor

Rose Petals

  • Scatter them inside the tub for a romantic ambience
  • Rose petals has abundant antioxidants that help strengthen skin cells and rejuvenate skin tissues

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