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Leo San Alpaca Mega

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Seasonal horoscope series

Seasonal horoscope series is a collection released on every new Astrology sign's cycle. Each Alpaca San is serialized and carefully designed based on the sign's personality. 

Leo San Alpaca Mega

in a Merlion suit

It’s the one-month long birthday for Rockstar Leo San (23 Jul – 22 Aug), a long distance relative of Asahi San. He decides to wear out his favourite outlandish outfit; a fish scale-like cape, fully encrusted with dual-sided sequined inspired by the Singapore’s Merlion (which birthday falls on 9th Aug), adorned with a fabric moth-orchid. “I am quintessential golden boy!! “, exclaimed Leo San while he galloped happily into the birthday party prepared for him.

*Design is hand done by WSA studio

Dimension: 50cm x 25cm x 35cm
Decor: Dual-sided Sequins, fabric Moth Orchid, Polyester Fur hair
Approx weight: 500g
Material: Polyester

Caring for Alpaca Sans


Step 1: Soak in cold water. Fill a bucket or sink with enough cold water to submerge Alpaca Sans.

Step 2: Add detergent. Add a small amount of mild or gentle detergent to the water.

Step 3: Hand wash. Gently squeeze the Alpaca to saturate it with detergent.

Step 4: Rinse. Refill the bucket or sink with clean, cold water or hold the alpaca under cold running water and squeeze it gently to rinse out the detergent, avoiding wringing.

Step 5: Air dry. To help remove moisture, you can roll it in a clean, dry towel first, then leave it in an open air to air dry, better when there is sun.

Machine Wash

Step 1: Protect the Alpaca. Place the Alpaca in a mesh laundry bag, zippered pillowcase or pillowcase with the ends tied for added protection against wear and tear.

Step 2: Choose gentle wash settings. We recommend using the Delicate, Hand Wash or Gentle cycle setting on your washing machine, along with cold water to help keep colors from fading.

Step 3: Add detergent. Feel free to use your regular detergent when washing stuffed animals, or a mild detergent if you have it on hand.

Step 4: Air dry. Take the Alpaca out of the mesh bag or pillowcase and hang or lay them flat to dry.

*Alpaca San Authenticity card

Only Alpacas from the Seasonal Horoscope Series will be presented with an identity card (ID card) and Birth Certificate. Each Alpaca produced will come with a serialized identity number. As this collection requires delicate and extra care due to the craftmanship from the studio, we require owners of the Alpaca Sans to give an extra attention to them. 

We would require owners to present Alpaca San’s identity card to us at our studio if your Alpaca San needs help (eg, fading blush, loose threads, light wear-and-tear holes). As their guardians, we will try to help your Alpaca San out to return to their best possible state. 

After signing at the bottom of the birth certificate, registering an account with us, owners are required take a photo of the birth certificate and receipt, then WhatsApp us below within 30 days so we can confirm their safety.

If owners require cleaning service, you can bring it back to us for maintenance within the first 3 months, first fix will be complimentary. After forth, maintenance service will be chargeable at $10/trip. Lead time is 2 weeks. 


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