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Leo Crystal Set (Stress Relief)

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Leo personality keyword: Reliable, confident, extroverted
Weakness: Excessive leadership, demanding, 
Healing needs: Stress relief, learning to let go

"Symbolized by the blazing and radiant sun, the fixed fire sign of Leo spreads its creative warmth over all within its sphere of influence. Leo pride themselves on keeping their fire under control and making judgement calls that can benefit others. Passionate emotionally, those born under this sign will not be denied what they desire and are prepared to fight for it if necessary. Leos demand the respect of others and will prove reliable by following through on their commitments."

-Gary Goldschneider

 Set includes: 

1x Yellow Calcite Hedgie
Hope, optimism, confidence, calm, motivation
1x Moss Agate tumble
hope, strength, relief stress, creativity, wealth, abundance
1x Howlite tumble
self-expression, communication, positivity, relief stress, patience

1x Sunstone tumble
luck, fortune, vitality, positivity, confidence, enthusiasm, empowerment, optimistic
1x Rose Quartz tumble
love, trust, harmony, peace, joy, selflessness, self-forgiveness, acceptance
1x Carnelian tumble
 vitality, courage, positivity, trust, motivating, success, focus, confidence, sexuality
1x Amethyst tumble
stress relieving, protective, love, calm, focus
50g Bag of Clear Quartz chips
manifestation, healer, balance, concentration, focus

  • Sets includes a Nordic inspired gold tray
  • Packed into WSA gift box
  • Set up of crystals to be assembled by the receiver
  • All crystals will be smudged (Cleansing) before being delivered
  • Every set shown is unique as stones comes in different shades and forms
  • All crystals are vetted thoroughly before delivered


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