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Gemini Face Mask Osc.2

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21 May - 20 June



People call you two-faced, but you know adaptability is key. What else fits the sign that can switch from professional to party in 3 seconds? Many term you as unreliable, yet nobody can deny how crucial you are to lift up the spirits in any given situation.




许多人稱你為双面人,实际上,因为適應环境是你的专长。除了你, 哪个星座能在短时间内从一位个严肃的专业人士,秒变成派对动物? 虽然許多人都說你不靠谱,但是沒有人能否認你的本事就是能在任何情況下可以带动气场!




人々はあなたを裏表があると言いますが、あなたは適応性が鍵であることを知っています。 3秒でプロからパーティーに切り替えることが出来る事以上のサインがありますか?多くの人があなたを信頼できないと言いますが、どんな状況でも精神を高めるあなたのことを誰も否定することは出来ません。


Product Information

Fabric Shell: 100% Polyester, Dual sided Gold and White Sequined Fabric
Fabric Lining: 100% Polyester Twill, water resistant.


Thickness: ★★★☆☆
Comfort: ★★★☆☆


  • This product is 100% Hand Made in Singapore

  • This product is not a certified medical mask. The underside of the mask is, however, lined with nano tech fabric to enhance its water resistance property.

  • Do not machine wash

  • It is recommended to remove the mask for a short duration after 4 hours.

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