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Gemini Eternal Wall Bloom

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The Gemini Mood: The tricky grasp
Keywords: Lively, eager, fun

When the summer wind howls, the Gemini tags along. You subconsciously acknowledge their presence when the whiff indiscreetly lands on the sweaty skin, caused by heat waves At that moment, the mere gust brought in relief of refreshment, but then it left in a hurry, leaving you back again in the hot-spell.

To mimic the fleeting gestures of Geminis, pastel colors are the foundation of the palette. The lightweight colors are contrasted with heavily clustered structures of selected florals such as Roses, Dinnerplate and Waterlily Dahlias, and Dancing Lady Orchids. The contrasting feature represents the indecisiveness of the twins, attractively flighty.

This artwork is great for a space where there great amount of light. 

*This artwork is unique.

Artwork details: 

Faux Foliage: Southern Magnolia Leaves, Branches, Berries 
Faux Flowers: Dinnerplate Dahlias, Dancing Lady Orchid, Waterlily Dahlias, Roses, Dutchman Pipe Cactus

Canvas size: 90cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 2cm (T)
Full size: 108cm(H) x 83cm(W) x 35cm (T)

Caring for artificial flowers & foliage

  • Do not place outdoors
  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions
  • Display them under a form of shade such as a canopy, archway, or pergola
  • To avoid fading, spray clear UV protective spray over it

Ways to Clean artificial flowers & foliage

  • Do weekly/bi-weekly dusting
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean
  • Use soft bristle brushes to sweep dusts off
  • Use compressed air or hairdryer on cool setting to blow dusts off

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