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Cancer vase

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21 Jun – 22 Jul

Cancer persona

M O O D 

When it comes to Canerians, it is all about mood. They are highly sensitive to details, and often their intuitions (mostly on point) resulted into overthinking and insecure on most occasions. On the bright side, this means they are empathetic— before your brain actually process how you’re going to feel, they have already felt you. Don’t be fooled by the tough front Cancers out up with, deep inside they might be probably having a mental meltdown (please check on them once in awhile).

On first look, it poetically resembles streaks of tears liquifying the original shape of the vases. It then melancholically sinks in as though the vase is artistically holding on to it’s gentle melt. However, no matter how we look at the design, it vibes on the edge between emotional delicateness and strength. 


Product information

W x H x D: 20.5cm x 48cm x 4.5cm

Material: Porcelain

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