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Aries - The ball of happiness Lucky Flowers

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Aries - The ball of happiness

This chubby arrangement makes use of 50 realistic artificial pompon Chrysanthemums in joyful shades of Pinks and Reds. We like how puffiness of the flowers creates a furry sphere, adorable shape, just like the personality of Aries, time-freezing dozens of fireworks in a vase!

Perfect size for a side table top.

Dimensions (With vase):

20cm (Width) x 25cm (Depth) x 50cm (Height)

Flowers include: 

50x Fabric Chrysanthemum flowers

Material & origin of vase: 

Porcelain from Jing De Zhen, China


Lucky Flowers

A series of artificial floral arrangement based on the personality of each horoscopic sign. 4 lucky numbers are randomly hand-picked and attached behind the arrangement, on the rimming of each vase. 888 grams (lucky number) of Clear Quartz crystals are placed at the bottom of the vase to weigh down the vase, refraining from toppling over. 



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