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Aries Crystal Set (Temper Control)

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Aries personality keyword: Competitive, Dynamic, Trailblazing
Weakness: High energy consumption
Healing needs: Temper Control, recharge

"People born under the zodiac sign Aries are known to be very competitive. As the first sign of the zodiac, representing cardinal fire and symbolizing the pure and the highly intuitive energies of the sign. Since Mars is their ruling planet, Aries individuals tend to be forceful, aggressive and insistent on getting their way and winning. Although often childlike and open, they can also be hard to reach emotionally and find it difficult to express their complex feeling. They dislike being analyzed and take the attitude "what you see if what you get" with regard to themselves".

-Gary Goldschneider

 Set includes: 

1x Purple Fluorite Hedgie
positivity, learning aid, concentration, confidence
3x Howlite tumbles
self-expression, communication, positivity, relief stress, patience

3x Amethyst tumbles
Stress relieving, protective, love, calm, focus
50g Bag of Clear Quartz
healer, balance, concentration, focus

  • Sets includes a Nordic inspired gold tray
  • Packed into WSA gift box
  • Set up of crystals to be assembled by the receiver
  • All crystals will be smudged (Cleansing) before being delivered
  • Every set shown is unique as stones comes in different shades and forms
  • All crystals are vetted thoroughly before delivered

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