DIY your own Spring Wreath

The creation of Dahlias Reunion Wreath is inspired by the the season of reunion for the Chinese, where family members will return home to celebrate Chinese New Year. In Mandarin, 團圓 means reunion, which is also a homophobic pun for ‘round/circle’.
 Celebrate your CNY by crafting a blooming wreath in auspicious florals as a decoration this coming festive season! 
Please double check if you have the above materials:
1x Ribbon
1x Bamboo Hoop
1x Cut-out felt
1x Hemp String
1x Metal beaded loop (not shown)
2x Faux Dancing Lady Orchids
3x Faux Dinnerplate Dahlias
2x Dried Common Reed
2x Dried Baby Breath flowers
2x Faux Coin leaves
    Please inform our staffs if you are missing any items above

    Instructions on how to make the spring wreath

    Step 1: Wrapping ribbon around the bamboo frame
    Step 2: Pasting Dahlias

    Step 3: Pasting Orchids
    Step 4: Adding fillers
    Step 5: Adding Tassel
    Step 6: Making a knot + Hanging cut-out felt
    Final Product!
    Help us improve!