When Stars Align Studio

經典仿真果子聖誕樹 (40cm)

售價 價格 $78.00 定價 $88.50 單價  每 

We know. They call us workaholics, but they don’t know that we’re willing to work doubly hard to enjoy doubly so. This tree reminds you that enjoyment is just around the corner; you need a reminder, not a distraction. Berries, Acorns, Lights with red and gold is just sufficient to let you know it’s almost time to let your hair down. Almost.

 Set includes:

1x 40cm Classic Handmade Artificial Christmas Tree
1x 2m LED Fairy Light
25~30 pcs of Gold + Red Baubles 

Packaged in 1x Window paper bag

Height 40cm
Width 36cm
Length 36cm
Color Green with berries
Tree Shape Cone
Weight 0.66kg
Leafs PVC 
Branches Iron +  Polypropylene wire