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Vettä (water sign) 180cm Tree Set

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Designed based on personality of Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

One does not simply celebrate one of the most celebrated festivals of the year without intuition and the emotional belonging that it is, well, Christmas. The depth of proper celebration without unnecessary emphasize is best suited for none other than the Water Signs. The tree does not exert itself in an extravagant way, but one just does not ignore the almost mysterious refinement that seems to almost glow. Sliver and blue dominates the accessories, which seeks to compliment the tree rather than to contrast it.

1x 1.8m Frosty White Artificial Christmas Tree (RSP: $248.00)
1x Mini Baubles 36 pcs Set (Black, 4cm) (RSP: $20.00)
6x Large Baubles (Blue)(RSP: $25.80)
6x Large Baubles (Silver) (RSP: $25.80)
5x PHOEBE Glitter Poinsettia Flowers (Silver) (RSP: $15.00)
10x ALYA Pine Branches (RSP: $15.50)
1x Orion Star Top (Silver)  (RSP: $12.50)
1x Christmas Tree Storage Bag  (RSP: $32.00)
1x Faux Fur Tree Skirt (RSP: $25.00)
1x 5M LED Fairy Lights (Two Pin Plug-in) (RSP: $18.00)

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