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Scorpio Crystal Set (Trust)

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Scorpio personality keyword: Mysterious, intense, intuitive
Weakness: Grudge holding, trust issues, possessive
Healing needs: Confidence, trust, faith

"Scorpio is the fixed water sign, rules by the dark planet Pluto and co-ruled by aggressive Mars. Like their namesake, Scorpios are the best left alone since their capacity to inflict pain is pronounced. Scorpios can be very charming as well as aggressive, and their interest and abilities in sexual sphere are well-known. Like Virgos, Scorpios lead hidden lives and often cultivate an air of mystery around them. Fatally attracted to money and power, Spiros must learn the lessons of gentleness and kindness to others. "

-Gary Goldschneider

 Set includes: 

1x Black Tourmaline Hedgie
protective, confidence, prosperity, positivity, grounded
2x Labradorite tumbles
transformation, strength, perserverance, enthusiasm, faith, trust

2x Fluorite tumbles
positivity, learning aid, concentration, confidence
4x Carnelian tumbles
vitality, courage, positivity, trust, motivating, success, focus, confidence, sexuality
50g Bag of Clear Quartz chips
manifestation, healer, balance, concentration, focus
50g Bag of Black Obsidian chips
protective, encouraging, truthful, strength, compassion

  • Sets includes a Nordic inspired gold tray
  • Packed into WSA gift box
  • Set up of crystals to be assembled by the receiver
  • All crystals will be smudged (Cleansing) before being delivered
  • Every set shown is unique as stones comes in different shades and forms
  • All crystals are vetted thoroughly before delivered


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