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Sagittarius vase

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22 Nov - 21 Dec

Sagittarius persona


Trying to control a Sagittarius is like trying to trying to pick up a quail egg with a chopsticks using your non-master hand. Unless you have unlimited patience, passion and love, caging a Sagittarius isn’t the way to go. Humour and being rebellious are instilled in their binary, this also means that it will be lots of unplanned fun around them. This is part of the reason why many are so bewitched by them.

The unusual use of uneven grids in this design is exactly what happen if Sagittarius are being confined within a controlled space. They find ways to escape and you would probably not find them like, forever. 


Product information

W x H x D: 20.5cm x 48cm x 4.5cm

Material: Porcelain

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