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Red Quartz PRISM Suncatcher

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Purpose of suncatchers:

  • Deflects sunlight into rainbow shards on walls
  • Absorbs positive energy from sunlight and dissolves negative energies
  • Adds vibrancy to a dim space

 How to use a suncatcher:

  • Hang the sun catcher near a window
  • Prism cuts in the crystals will reflect into rainbow shards
  • Clean with dry cloth if wet


Red Quartz (Mainly for):

Vigor and Strength

Red Quartz (also for):

Love, Grounding, Recharge, Removes negativity, Confidence, Vitality


Suitable for:

Aries: Someone who needs help in temper control
Cancer: Someone who needs requires more happiness
Leo: Someone who needs help in stress relief
Virgo: Someone who needs help in removing mental blocks
Libra: Someone who needs help in decision making
Scorpio: Someone who needs help in trust
Sagittarius: Someone who needs help in grounding
Capricorn: Someone who appreciates wealth and help in career
Aquarius: Someone who needs help in conquering self doubt
Pisces: Someone who needs help in boosting confidence



Gold parts: electroplated 

Crystals: Red Quartz

Hanging pieces: cut glass


Length of product: 50cm

Width of product: 6cm

(Please allow slight dimension variations as they are handmade and natural stones)


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