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Pocket Crystals for Sagittarius

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or for someone who needs help in Grounding

Sagittarius is probably the first sign to leave the square within a minute. However, not everything in life allows freedom. So while in captivity, please allow these crystals to keep your mental state sane. 

1x Labradorite tumbles
Mainly for: Relieves anxiety

1x Yellow Botswana Agate tumbles
Mainly for: Inner peace

1x Green Fluorite tumble
Mainly for: Mental Balance

88g Clear Quartz Chips
Mainly for: Amplify energy and focus

How to use: 

  • When you are feeling uneasy, grab them in your palms and take deep breaths
  • Carry them in a bag or in a pocket
  • All crystals are cleansed with a singing bowl and untouched before sending out
  • Do not let others touch your crystals raw


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