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Pocket Crystals for Libra

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or for someone who needs help in Improve Decision Making

Libras cares too much too appease others to maintain harmony, that it causes unhappiness to themselves. Take your time to do your balance, but too much; because it is not about rushing to make a decision, it is about making the correct decision.  

1x Green Fluorite tumbles
Mainly for: Mental Balance

1x Lapis Lazuli tumbles
Mainly for: Inner Peace

1x Smokey Quartz tumbles
Mainly for: Removes Negativity

88g Black Obsidian Chips
Mainly for: Grounding

How to use: 

  • When you are feeling uneasy, grab them in your palms and take deep breaths
  • Carry them in a bag or in a pocket
  • All crystals are cleansed with a singing bowl and untouched before sending out
  • Do not let others touch your crystals raw


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