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Pisces Crystal Set (Boost Confidence)

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Pisces personality keyword: Adaptable, empathic, subtle
Weakness: Sentimental, vulnerable, oversensitive
Healing needs: Boost confidence, overcome self-doubt

"Pisces, the sign of the fish, is the mutable water sign ruled by Neptune. The deeply feeling individuals belonging to this sign value emotional matters more than most and demand profound involvement in their more serious relationships. Extremely sensitive, Pisces is easily wounded emotionally and particularly vulnerable to rejection. Their spirituality or belief in a divinity is often strong, as is their involvement with the arts,
principally music. Although sensuous, a Pisces knows there is more to life than what they can see and touch.".

-Gary Goldschneider

 Set includes: 

1x Sunstone Hedgie
luck, fortune, vitality, positivity, confidence, enthusiasm, empowerment, optimistic
2x Amethyst tumbles
Stress relieving, protective, love, calm, focus

3x Howlite tumbles
self-expression, communication, positivity, relief stress, patience
2x Carnelian tumbles
vitality, courage, positivity, trust, motivating, success, focus, confidence, sexuality
1x Bag of Clear Quartz chips
manifestation, healer, balance, concentration, focus


  • Sets includes a Nordic inspired gold tray
  • Set up of crystals to be assembled by the receiver
  • All crystals will be smudged (Cleansing) before being delivered
  • Every set shown is unique as stones comes in different shades and forms
  • All crystals are vetted thoroughly before delivered

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