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Libra Eternal Wall Bloom

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The Libra Mood: The tactical balance
Keywords: Neutral, harmonious, adaptable

 Libras are professionals at analyzing and weighing the strength and weaknesses of all things. To maintain the balance, they put themselves into a neutral position of hearing the story of two enemies and propose a peaceful negotiation. 

The arrangement is tactically styled as a seemingly simple equilibrium. However, upon a closer look, each individual piece of floral and foliage is carefully picked out, then altered and re-structured intricately and styling them together to look cohesive as a whole. 

This piece deserves a quiet corner with a single spotlight for admiration. 

Artwork details: 

Faux Foliage: Southern Magnolia Leaves, Areca Palm Leaves, Berries
Faux Flowers: Moth Orchids, Dinnerplate Dahlias, Dancing Lady Orchid

Canvas size: 58cm(H) x 43cm(W) x 1.5cm (T)
Full size: 77cm(H) x 64cm(W) x 34cm (T)

Caring for artificial flowers & foliage

  • Do not place outdoors
  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions
  • Display them under a form of shade such as a canopy, archway, or pergola
  • To avoid fading, spray clear UV protective spray over it

Ways to Clean artificial flowers & foliage

  • Do weekly/bi-weekly dusting
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean
  • Use soft bristle brushes to sweep dusts off
  • Use compressed air or hairdryer on cool setting to blow dusts off

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