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INDULGENCE Bath Bomb Rose Gift Set

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Suitable for: Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus – The Fixed Signs, the Powerhouses

Treat these signs to a tub of indulgence after all the energy they have put into their efforts! Being headstrong can sometimes be a double ass sword; while most see this as a sign of ultimate concentration, hauling onto the rope over a period can be very tiring.

So, dear fixed signs, not all things are meant to last. Watch out for snapping ropes, sometimes letting go might land you a less painful fall. Turn on some Jazz, light some scented candles, scatter the dried petals and enjoy your warm tub of water with these essential oil bath bombs; you deserve this indulgence.

Here is a playlist to go with your bath


- 3 Bath bomb Flavors:  Rose, Mysotis Sylvatia, Osmenthus
- 2-3 Faux Roses (depending on the size)
- 200g of Rose petals

How to use:

Bath bombs

  • You may mix all 3 into a bathtub of warm water
  • Ideally, one tub is enough for 1 bath bomb
  • Optimum time: 20-30mins
  • Inhale the fragrance from the essential oil; it helps in relaxing your body
  • Water on your skin might feel towards buttery than soapy
  • Can also be used to soak your feet if bathtubs are not available (20mins)
  • Skin will feel moisturized and tender

 Faux Roses

  • You can reuse them by putting them as décor of a gift box
  • You can also choose to use them as home décor

Rose Petals

  • Scatter them inside the tub for a romantic ambience
  • Rose petals has abundant antioxidants that help strengthen skin cells and rejuvenate skin tissues

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