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Gemini vase

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21 May - 20 Jun

Gemini persona

The twist

The duality in Geminis are always the reason for the twist in your stomach. Yet, it is the very reason why they are undeniably attractive and addictive. Geminis are full of contradictions; you might have a crazy day out in the day with them, but upon reaching home, they just want to be absolutely alone and undistracted.

The twist in this design reflects greatly in Gemini’s personality. Interestingly, it loosely bonded, which gives a vibe of “iron fist in a velvet glove” as twists are a representation of strength. The visual malleability creates a great contrast an expected durability of the vase’s material (porcelain), softening up a space tastefully. 

Product information

W x H x D: 15.3cm x 36.2cm x 4.8cm

Material: Porcelain

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