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Custom a floral bouquet for Taurus

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In collaboration with our designer florist, we fashion a series of tasteful quality bouquets borrowing the knowledge from astrology in understanding.

Design keywords: Conservative, self-composed, sensual


The greatest beauty of Taurus is their stability and consistency. You are less likely to worry about them because they are always dedicated and fixated on their goals. 

No bombastic and lavish floral choice in this bouquet, because most Tauruses prefer to be in a comfort zone where they would rather take a chill pill. Colors picked are very balanced with pastels and sand palette.  


  • There are no fixed design for all bouquets 
  • All bouquets are uniquely created based freshest blooms available
  • Images as shown are for mood reference 
  • We will adhere to the colors palette based on the 
  • Bouquets sizes will be based on the tiering system


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