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Capricorn Eternal Wall Bloom

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The Capricorn Mood: The classic
Keywords: Lasting, staple, elegant

Elegance is a staple to a timeless recipe. They do not catch your eye immediately, but are the ones that you unknowingly go back to all the time. The dependable vibes are often displayed due to the high standards of their desires. 

The arrangement is analogous to the pickiness nature of the goat; controlled, refined and elegant. It is subconsciously well-accepted by most, though sometimes it may seemed as constrained. Largely curated with greens, it exhibits a relaxing and calming vibe, which practically works well in living and working spaces. 

This artwork will invoke a desire to organize and be disciplined.   


Artwork details: 

Faux Foliage: Common Reed, Branches, Orchid Leaves
Faux Flowers: Moth Orchids, Dinnerplate Dahlias, Dancing Lady Orchid

Canvas size: 90cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 2cm (T)
Full size: 104cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 36cm (T)

Caring for artificial flowers & foliage

  • Do not place outdoors
  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions
  • Display them under a form of shade such as a canopy, archway, or pergola
  • To avoid fading, spray clear UV protective spray over it

Ways to Clean artificial flowers & foliage

  • Do weekly/bi-weekly dusting
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean
  • Use soft bristle brushes to sweep dusts off
  • Use compressed air or hairdryer on cool setting to blow dusts off

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